See all 11 photos. Everyone who heard us utter that line in the past few weeks gets this confused look on their face, and then says "Huh? What we wanted was a heavier-duty pair of axle assemblies for our military truck.

So why swap in the same axles it already has? While the stock axles and the new axles have the same model numbers, there are virtually no parts that interchange between them.

The M was the one of the first vehicles with a Dana 60 and Dana 70 under it. In the plus years since our truck was designed, metallurgy has improved, gear sets have become more standardized, open knuckles have become the norm, and drum brakes are no longer the only type of brake available. By all rights, our axles should have given up the ghost a long time ago. Our M weighs 6,lbs normally, and once all the tools from our roll-away tool chest, camping gear, grill, cooler, spare parts and everything else is in the truck for a weekend campout, it's more like 7,lbs.

On the bright side, it rides a lot nicer than an empty M does. On the downside we can practically hear our stock axles screaming in agony every time we feed that big-block some gas. A goofy bolt pattern, closed front knuckles, and drums that get out of whack every time we went in the mud were but a few burrs in our side. Add to that a limited gear selection, an offset rear axle, and limited parts availability when out in the boonies and we'd had enough.

Check out the sidebar for the head-to-head comparison between the new parts and the old parts. Any way you cut it; building a Dana 60 front axle isn't cheap. We want our truck to retain its military look when we are all done, and by using parts that many guys don't want, we are aiming to keep costs down. To keep the military look, we are planning on running HMMWV wheels and tires, and the big backspacing of those wheels will necessitate wide axles to keep the tires out of the frame and springs.

The axles are around 72 inches wide so we knew we'd need something wider than what most guys ran, especially with using those HMMWV rims, which meant building a dually-width front axle. To build a heavy-duty rear axle, as many of you know, is way cheaper than building a front Dana So, thanks to more of them laying around, it is cheaper and easier to build the rear axle.

Chevy Truck Rear End Widths

We went with a Dana 70HD out of an '87 Chevy dually because of the ultra-wide width we were aiming for. It isn't until you drag a part home and start working on it that you really start learning about it, and we literally just pulled the rear axle out of the junkyard before sitting down and writing this.

You can do all the internet searching you want, but in the end, nothing beats hands-on experience. While it will be a few months before we've got these things built and slung under our truck, here's some of what we learned while wrestling a pair of lb axles.

Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Pete Trasborg Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.See all 7 photos. Not everyone can afford to plunk down the cash for super-whiz-bang easy-fit bolt-in custom-made axle housings. Some of us have to scour the junkyards for our axles. If you're looking to do a junkyard swap you've got to remember you can't be too picky here.

It's gonna take a little effort and some elbow grease to make something fit in your Jeep that was never originally designed to be there.

Very few swaps simply bolt-in. You'll have to overlook slight differences in width and lug pattern changes in some cases. Having said that, here are our favorite junkyard axles and what we would swap them into.

chevy dually axle width

Differential Location: Passenger side Lug Pattern: 6-on Front Axles You Won't Find Cheap Everyone thinks they need a Dana 60 front axle. Problem is they don't, and there were not very many manufactured. So these junkyard 1-ton axles can often be hard to find and overpriced when you do eventually find them. It's also common to find these axles in very poor shape. Lookout for heavily-corroded or missing components as well as bent axle tubes. If you're eyeballing a 1-ton Dana 60 front axle you should be rolling on inch tires at the very least.

Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.You have chosen the perfect frame. In addition, most aftermarket trees use more resistant materials than stocks. So, think about the type of tire you need. All-season tires are suitable for almost all weather conditions. Tires that are often driven on rough and rough roads will be about 18, miles.

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Each type of vehicle uses a different approach to attract vehicles. It makes you want to launch a vehicle for a long time.

Jeep Full Size Axle Swap - Full Width

Even the vehicle is okay. Most vehicles are used to get driveways or garage floors. Studebakers for Buick with large V-8s. Depending on how many bolts your car stands out, or you may need more support. Mechanical perfume fragrance deodorant. If it emits maple syrup, this could mean loss of refrigerant. Choosing the right car is always an intimidating effort. The car must be free of damage to the transmission.

Needless to say, you want a vehicle, a truck or an SUV ready to take care of all the areas of Denver in the shop for drivers. Investing money in a Chevrolet is a reasonable step if you want to have the best value.

To receive a mileage on a full-size pickup truck, make sure you do not carry extra weight. Start looking for OEM wheels, if you want to keep a factory, or if you want to change the look of your vehicle or truck with more alloys or rotating wheels, look for aftermarket solutions. You do not have to break into new brake pads.

They tend to be very shrill. Some aftermarket brake pads have a larger bimetallic material that can cause even the new brakes to squeak. The front spring does not fit too much so as not to get too much if you recover. The back of the Chevy is virtually bolted, but the roost must be moved to the surface of the housing.

Chevy Trailblazer Rear Axle Width Info

Regardless of what you do, you can decide to fix the front. A further improvement of the steering is performed by running, but when starting the line, an external BEC will also be required. A soft rear suspension can also cause rear axle steering based on the geometry of the rear suspension. By : www. In addition to about 3 specifications, the Chevy v6 4 carburetor engine could be obtained from a large number of completely free online resources.

If you are looking for better mileage, you want to upgrade to a higher transmission ratio. As usual, you need to understand what you want your car to do.

Before you leave for the dealer, take a moment to think about how you will probably use the truck. Ford has used a wide range of rear end over the years.Get some cool 4x4 tech every couple of weeks:.

We respect your email privacy. They are used in all kind of vehicles and are a heavy duty, cheap axle. SRW stands for single rear wheel and simply means that the axle in the stock configuration came with a single rear wheel. SRW is the same configuration that's in a typical full size pickup. Again, this is pretty simple. A DRW axle has dual rear wheels, two wheels on each side. It has dual rear wheels so that it can carry more weight in the rear.

DRW trucks are extremely wide in the rear and often have fenders that stick out far from the bed to cover the extra tire. Cab and Chassis trucks come from the factory with a cab and bare frame.

These are often delivered by the manufacturer to another vendor that modifies the truck for some purpose. These often get turned into 1st responder vehicles, tow trucks, delivery, and other purpose-built vehicles.

If you compare an inboard hub to an outboard hub, you would notice that the WMS wheel mounting surface differs by approximately 2". This difference changes how much your tires and hubs stick out or tuck in and you can use this to fit a 14 bolt axle in a narrower 4x4. Need to make your 14 bolt axle narrower? This is a pretty common swap to make wide axles 4" narrower at the wheel mounting surface.

If you have an SRW axle this a simple, cheap swap that will net you a 4" narrower track width. The hub center will stick out 2" further relative to your tire and wheel. If you run a narrow wheel with a lot of backspacing, your hub center could stick out uncomfortably far. Since the hub center isn't safely nestled inside the wheel, it's much more susceptible to rock damage. Plus, it looks a little funny. If you're currently running a stock SRW with stock H1s, you should imagine your hub center sticking out another 2" before doing this swap and figure out if this works for you.

Most wheelers also swap out the stock 14 bolt drum brakes for some discs. This gives you better brakes, but it also eliminates a ton of weight - the stock drums are huge and heavy.

If you swap on some discs, make sure you get the correct caliper brackets. The type and axle and hubs you have will change the offset of the brackets that you'll need. Putting rear discs on your 14 bolt is a big upgrade. You get easier maintenance and you lose a ton of weight from the axle. Because the different axle combos, there are 4 different disc brake brackets available. Therefore, if you have a post '99 14 bolt, you need a weld-on bracket.

Here are the options for putting discs on your 14 bolt:. Single rear wheel SRW 14 bolt disc brake brackets.

Tyler came out of the womb with a Birfield in one hand and a stick of in the other, ready to weld any piece of trail-busted steel back together. He has wheeled, broken, and modified a variety of rigs, from Toyotas to Jeeps to Fords to Chevies.The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving.

Advance Design Trucks seem to be using rear ends with widths ranging from 58"- 62". I'm not sure of the Task Force width ranges at this time. Rear Axle Measurements. GMC V-6 used a 3. Approximate rear end widths measured from backing plate to backing plate. Add Width to compensate for drums as follows:.

Ford Grenada. Add Width to compensate for drums as follows: 4" - 5" for small cars 5" - 6" for intermediate cars 6" - 8" for large cars. Classic Vehicles. Plymouth-Dodge car. Most Early.

Chevy Car. Chevy Truck. Buick,Olds, Pontiac. Ford Car. Ford Pickup.

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Chevy Pickup. Width Front. Width Rear. Ford Maverick with 8" axle. Ford Granada with 8" axle. Chevy car. Monte Carlo, Regal, etc. Chevelle with 10 bolt axle. Trans AM Disc brake.

Early 70's. Dodge Dart. Blazer 6 lug. Granada 9". Maverick 9".Between anda few 14 bolt axle variations were produced. This is because:. This is a big advantage for off-road use, as a broken axle shaft repair is much simpler with a full-float axle. Additionally, the full-float 14 bolt axle uses a This is because the wheel hub on a full-float 14 bolt axle will stick out beyond the wheel mounting surface anywhere from roughly 2 to 4 inches.

The axle bolts to the end of the hub, and on a full-float axle you can see a set of bolts at the axle end in addition to the 8 lugs you see on the wheel. Semi-float 14 bolt axles are not quite as rugged as full-float 14 bolt axles.

Compared to the 14 bolt full-float axle, the 14 bolt semi-float has a smaller ring gear 9.

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Still, the 14 bolt semi-float is a solid axle for a lot of applications. Compared to a GM 10 bolt axle for examplea semi-float 14 bolt is a nice upgrade. On a semi-float axle, the axle shaft terminates at the wheel mounting surface. So, there will not be a visible axle end. NOTE: Some semi-float axles have 8 lug nuts.

So, if you have 8 lugs but no visible axle end, you have a 14 bolt semi-float. The slide-on style of brake drum is found on newer 14 bolts onwardwhile the stud-mounted drum can be found on any 14 bolt produced between and To figure out which kind of drum you have, you should remove a wheel.

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If the wheel mounting surface is the hub, than you have a stud mounted drum. Removing a stud-mounted drum requires…persuasion.

chevy dually axle width

This video is a good reference skip ahead to about to see the stud removal. So, in addition to this blog post, if you have a 14 bolt axle question, be sure to checkout the following:. Login My Account View Cart. This is because: GM offered more than one axle on multiple models. There are also some 1 ton trucks that have semi-float axles instead of the full-float axle you might expect to find. You never know what the previous owner did to your vehicle.

Full-Float vs. Dual Rear Wheel vs. Single Rear Wheel vs. So, in addition to this blog post, if you have a 14 bolt axle question, be sure to checkout the following: Our 14 bolt axle identification chart This 14 bolt disc brake conversion video from BustedKnuckleVideo, which shows a full conversion and has some good 14 bolt info too The 14 bolt axle bible by BillaVista This helpful article on FourWheeler.While still working on the telephone, Bell grew interested in designing a flying machine.

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14 Bolt Axles: The Differences Between SRW, DRW, and C&C

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chevy dually axle width

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